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Hey Florida, Barnes and Phillips Real Estate is Open for Business

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Julie Boulanger in Uncategorized

In the last few months we have been preparing for what was predicted to be a very active hurricane season. We were able to prepare for the storm that came close, starting Monday. Thanks to our local news stations. By Friday, Charlotte County had a clear picture of the storm’s direction. Mandatory evacuations for most of Charlotte County had already been issued. Thankfully for our area, the storm surge predictions lessened with each news update. Finally, by Sunday morning, most of South West Florida’s “surge warnings” diminished to less than 3 ft.

Here in Charlotte County, we experienced heavy winds and rain but sustained minimal damage in most cases. Through the rest of September, the threat of Jose and Maria followed Irma but did not bother our beloved Charlotte County shores. We quickly tended to our homes and cleaned up the tree debris. Coming into October, life is getting back to normal. We wanted to send a special thank you out to our home owners and renters for their patience through the storm recovery.

We’re back and ready for business! Check out our “Properties” tab for Sale prices and Rentals on properties all over Charlotte County. If you’re coming in for a visit through the season, consider using our seasonal rentals! Fully furnished and ready to provide you with the comfort and relaxation you need!

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