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Finding a Home

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Julie Boulanger in Uncategorized

Finding a Home by Bethany Sweet

My husband and I recently bought a house! The most difficult part may not be what you’d expect!

      Like many Millenials, searching online information is part of my everyday activity. So, naturally, in the search for a home, I went to the world wide web. Home décor? I knew exactly where to go! From color schemes on Pinterest, to layout definitions on Google, I could confidently compare and contrast home models. Split floor plan, open concept, block vs frame homes, etc. you name it, its out there. But when it came time for financial comparisons, I hit so many roadblocks. Sometimes, there were home values listed on Zillow that came back 40% off from the seller’s asking price! Come to find out the home’s actual value was based on the location not the size, build, or style of the home. Homes listed on Craigslist were often scams, and lets not even begin to mention the flood of emails and advertisements I received for “available homes” just for searching online. Instead of finding myself at the mercy of this kind of misinformation and obsessive influx in my inbox I decided to take matters to the professionals!

     The best defense is a good offense! I needed someone in my corner who knew the area, would see through the listings and could help “me!” Wouldn’t you like a local, friendly, customer-oriented assist? I think it’s safe to assume the answer is yes! I turned to Barnes and Phillips Real Estate. They’ve been helping Buyers and Sellers in Southwest Florida since 1991! I found myself at ease as I sifted through homes and went for private viewings. My husband and I were able to find a home in our price range and close the deal within 2 months! If your looking for the confidence to buy a home and security in your research, call to speak to one of the Realtors at Barnes and Phillips Real Estate! 941.743.4200 They’re located at 2195 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Florida.


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